A month and a half back, I announced a new community initiative, wiki.reddcoin.com . When I announced the project, we had a very bare-bones collection of information on the site, and a number of volunteers pitched in to help build up the site’s content.

For the past two months, we have been working on the initial “Build Up” phase of the site. As we have added material to the site, we have tried to increasingly use this as a reference resource when newcomers or old hats when they ask questions. The eventual goal of the site, after all, is to be an all-things-Reddcoin resource.

I’m really happy to announce that wiki.reddcoin.com is ready to enter a new chapter. With over 20 pages completed, the wiki now includes:

  • an intro to Reddcoin
  • a history of RDD
  • pages on PoW, PoS, an PoSV
  • info about Reddcoin Broadcast and Social X
  • an About the Devs page
  • much, much more.

A really important Troubleshooting page has been created and as new questions come up on this subreddit, we are trying to add those questions and answers to this page to serve as a FAQs reference.

In the past couple days, we have begun a process of translating the core pages of the wiki to German, Spanish, and Portuguese. If anyone wants to assist with one of these translations, or translations to another language, please let me know!

I invite everyone to check out the site. On the main page, you’ll see a section of Quick References to pages about Reddcoin’s core features, as well as a link to an index of pages. Now, the wiki is not yet a finished product – in fact, it will never be a finished product – but I am very proud of what we have accomplished with it so far, and I hope everyone finds it to be helpful. If you have ideas for more content, or ways to improve the current content, please share them with me! If anyone would like to help continue to build the site, I’d be happy to set you up with an account.

Lastly, I want to thank the following folks who have helped to build the site into what it is today!
/u/by_321 , /u/crypthal_com, /u/ezredd, /u/iisurge, /u/laudney, and /u/reddcoin.

And a special thanks to those who have volunteered to help with translations!
/u/alusion, /u/artur_oliver, /u/Didi_Midi, /u/tecopos, and /u/yolo-or-twice.

Finally, thanks to the following folks for being a part of the effort in reading through content and offering to assist with further developments:
/u/bmp02050, /u/DrTheSciNerd, /u/EcomSearch, /u/ItsNaro, /u/ReddAPI , and /u/reddibrek