Dear fellow Reddheads:

We are glad to announce the official blockchain explorer and APIs .

  • official blockchain explorer

There isn’t much to say. We want to create an explorer that’s fast and user friendly. We think you’d like it.

  • official blockchain APIs

The explorer also acts as the server of blockchain APIs in JSON (and of course it’s FREE). For example you can fetch the latest status of blockchain at this URL .

You can request for a lot of information on blocks, transactions and addresses. Some of the information is not even available inreddcoind RPC calls. You can also also create and broadcast new transactions through APIs.

It’s our official stance that a Reddhead should have 100% full ownership of private keys. No private key means no coin. Our APIs do not deal with private keys so you are free to choose any implementation of key generation and only use our APIs for blockchain-related functionalities. You can read the document on our APIs here .

We hope the community find the explorer useful and build useful applications on top of the APIs. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Reddcoin dev team