Dear fellow Reddheads:

The stage one of the Reddcoin Project, from February to August 2014, was about fair distribution and transition from PoW to PoSV. After a few weeks of summer break, at the beginning of September, the project entered stage two which is all about Social X. When I unveiled Social X, I described the two major pieces of it. The first is a suite of state-of-the-art and easy-to-use wallets on multiple platforms and devices. There are many compelling reasons for the technologies that we are implementing, such as hierarchical deterministic wallet, multi-signature and Electrum. The second is Redd-ID service at the blockchain level.

Before I give an update of the upcoming milestones, let’s take a look at the baby steps in the past two months:

  1. Electrum server deployment and desktop wallets
  2. Official blockchain API and block explorer
  3. Release of Qt wallet 1.4.0 and social wallet 1.4.0
  4. Official launch of wiki site
  5. Official re-launch of and community newsletter
  6. Supported by major gift card merchant
  7. Supported by payment processor

Each step may look insignificant but together they are essential building blocks of a foundation that the future of the Reddcoin Project depends on. These milestones took hundreds of hours of voluntary work by the dev team. There is no shortcut. But these are just the ones which have been finished and delivered. There are multiple streams of work that have already seen significant progress but not yet ready for release.

What are the upcoming milestones?

  1. Browser extension Electrum wallets: The wallets will be accessible inside your desktop browsers. It’s an essential piece of our decentralized peer-to-peer social tip platform which, at the moment, already supports the top 13 social networks. But before the social tip platform is fully ready, you will be able to use the browser Electrum wallets to make RDD payment to content creator anywhere on Internet, whether it’s blogs, websites or forums. To our best knowledge, this has never been done before in the entirecrypto world. We’ve already started internal testing of it and /u/userNameNotLongEnoug will announce it in due course.
  2. Qt wallet 2.0: We have already implemented Electrum hierarchical deterministic wallet in our Qt desktop wallets. We are also merging all the new features and enhancement that has gone into the Bitcoin codebase. Once we finish, Qt wallet 2.0 will include hundreds of new features and fixes and dozes of major new features alone. Reddcoin will become the No.1 altcoin that tracks most closely the technological innovation in Bitcoin, an extremely important position that I emphasised in the past analyses. We’ll need your participation in testing it on testnet and /u/MathyV will announce it when it’s ready.
  3. Mobile Electrum wallets: We are working on the mobile Electrum wallets for Android and iOS. High-quality mobile applications are inherently much more complicated than desktop ones. We’ll keep you updated of our progress.
  4. Redd-ID and Social Tip Platform: After the suite of wallets are released, the main focus will shift to the implementation of Redd-ID service and the next-generation social tip platform. As you can imagine, there will be a lot of announcement on these projects once we get there.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. The Reddcoin Project is still an infant and the community is a huge part of it. Together we can create a future with exciting possibilities.