Hello community,

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working with some members of the Reddcoin team to revamp some of the functionality on the Reddcoin community website www.reddheads.com . This activity was born of an initial discussion I had with laudney regarding taking on the role of chief editor for the website.

Although the team is already busy on several core projects, I received the help I needed for Reddheads in a prompt and very professional manner. The time is right for me to let you know about what we have been doing.

In my work in e-commerce, online marketing and social media, I have learned that there is a kind of two-speed element to the spread of information and the understanding and full appreciation of that information by the audience. The Internet provides a ripe environment in which certain content and information can go “viral”, but just as with any type of business, effort needs to be put into building up your success step by step, with a business plan that looks forward months and years.

In my view an editorial website like Reddheads.com requires a long-term strategy in order to build the kind of reputation that a Reddcoin community site deserves. I invite you to read the following plan I have drafted for the website.



To grow the website Reddheads.com into a respected and reliable source of news about Reddcoin, the Reddcoin community and the development of diverse Reddcoin projects across the Internet, relating to social networks, e-commerce, gaming and other fields.

Target audience

Reddheads.com is a website dedicated to the wider Reddcoin community and to the general public. The target audience of the site is primarily made up of members of the community and the wider public who are interested in getting news about and introductions to the diverse Reddcoin-related activities and projects that are under way.

Although analysis and in-depth features will be published, the website is not primarily focussed on a “geek” audience or those with expert knowledge of the technology behind cryptocurrency or computer programming skills.

Scope of news and articles

The editorial department will provide news and articles mainly catering for people who may have a basic to moderate understanding of cryptocurrencies or who may be investigating cryptocurrency for the first time.

Reddheads.com aims to publish news, scoops and articles relating to Reddcoin community events, business development, product launches, market analysis, etc. as well as news and analysis of Reddcoin in the wider context of all cryptocurrencies, social networks, digital payments, etc.

Community hub

Reddheads.com aims to be as much as possible a hub for the Reddcoin community. But how is this to be achieved, considering the the Reddcoin subreddit is already established as the place where the community gathers?

Reddheads.com should complement the subreddit. The structure of the website (editorial rather than forum) dictates that it will necessarily be primarily a source of information, rather than a place of interaction. Therefore the focus will be on the quality of the information provided.


News: The Reddheads.com editorial team is responsible for keeping the website updated with news. News about core development will always be sourced from and if necessary cross-checked with the Reddcoin developers. Reddcoin community members are invited to submit news tips to [email protected].

Articles: All Reddcoin community members are invited to submit articles for publication to [email protected]. The editorial team has the final say on whether or not an article will be published. An article may be edited, re-worked or corrected at the discretion of the editorial team (in this case the permission of the author will always be sought before publication). Authors will be credited in the articles.

Reddcoin videos: All community members are invited to submit videos for inclusion on the Reddheads.com website to [email protected]. The editorial team has the final say on whether or not a video will be posted. In the case where a video is accepted, it will be posted on the Reddheads YouTube channel (to be created) and this YouTube video will be embedded on Reddheads.com.

Do you have proofreading skills? Would you like to write news? Do you feel like you’ve got what it takes to be part of the Reddheads editorial team? If so, drop me a line at [email protected].

Comments and moderation

Visitor comments will be activated on the website for all content; moderators will allow or deny comments from being published. A new cross-platform comments system is to be integrated into the site. Disqus provides way to build a more active community around the comments system.

Reddheads will need a mod or two. Please drop me a line at [email protected] if you think you can help.

Active contact

To strengthen its position as a hub for the Reddcoin community, Reddheads.com will provide a newsletter service. Visitors to the site will be able to register an e-mail address in order to be kept informed of the latest news.

Newsletters will usually be sent out at the rate of one or two per month. Newsletters will be generated from the latest news and articles published on Reddheads.com or on the Reddcoin subreddit.

Newsletters may also include information about events and upcoming publications, news about activities of the Reddcoin community, tips about upcoming products, etc., which have not yet been published on the website or on Reddit. Signing up to the newsletter will be a useful way for subscribers to stay up to date on Reddcoin and to gain some extra insights and information.

For major events such as a new wallet release a dedicated newsletter will be sent.

You are all invited to visit www.reddheads.com to sign up for the newsletter.

New logo competition

To mark this new stage in the evolution of Reddheads.com we are launching a competition to create a new logo for the website. The new logo should include the title “Reddheads”. Entries should be made no later than the deadline in one month, on 28 October. Please send me your entries at [email protected]; a display will be arranged for the community vote.

Let’s go!

I am really grateful to have been given the opportunity to be chief editor of Reddheads.com, and I look forward to helping the website to grow and develop to become an informative, dynamic and exciting source of news. It gives me great pleasure to invite Reddcoin community members to submit any articles or synopses to this address: [email protected].

As Reddcoin continues to grow and the user-base extends around the world, the workload for the website will surely increase. Please feel free to volunteer assistance at any time if you feel like you may be able to help.

If you have any comments or questions you can make them below or send me an e-mail.

Many thanks,