Many of our #ReddHeads have asked that the wallet show more and better information on staking, as the details of staking are fundamental to the operation of the #ReddCoin (#RDD) blockchain network. Staking is a basic security & validation operation that the Core wallet handles mostly behind the scenes, at least until now.

Details have been extracted from the staking process and (at least for the moment) are being displayed in a fairly plain matrix of inputs, ages, coin rewards, and time estimates. See the attached image for a view of the new feature.

Meeting in progress, dev technical review

One of the other new Core Wallet client features as well is the ability to have multiple wallets open simultaneously. We are now working through the technical effort to allow those multiple wallets to stake successfully, overcoming the limit of one wallet staking in earlier versions.

Work on adapting Bitcoin Core 0.22 and the enhanced security, features, and capabilities that come with that work is continuing at full speed, and suggestions are welcome from our community for desired additions and changes to make the keystone of our #Redd network more usable, functional, and fast. The new version under development can be found at:

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