Hello fellow Reddheads

I’m going to use this post to update status on the Reddcoin Twitter Bot, including any upcoming new features and enhancement.Please check here on a daily basis.

  • You can check the latest Twitter trending of Altcoins here. let’s all work together to make Reddcoin trend higher on Twitter!
  • You can find the document on how to interact with @tipreddcoin here.

Here a short guide on how to use @tipreddcoin

  • To register, simply follow @tipreddcoin and accept the follow request it sends you. Afterwards, you can send “+register” command to verify the registration is successful.
  • All commands can be sent with public tweets or direct messages. Your public tweets should have the following format: “@tipreddcoin command parameter1 parameter2 parameter3”. Your direct messages are the same as the public tweets without the leading “@tipreddcoin”
  • Send “+help” to get a list of most commonly used commands.
  • Send “+info” to get your wallet address and the latest balance.
  • Send “+history” to get the details of your last transaction (limited to 1 due to 140-character cap on Twitter).
  • To send tips, send “+tip @recipient xyz RDD”. “+tip” can be replaced with “+send|give|pay”
  • To withdraw, send “+withdraw destination_wallet_address xyz RDD”. Use “ALL RDD” in this command to withdraw your entire balance or your withdrawal may fail due to charge of transaction cost (0.001 RDD).

Update 2014-02-26 I’ve re-enabled tipping unregistered users with modified behaviour. If you send tips to an unregistered user, @tipreddcoin will send you an confirmation and reminds you to get the @recipient to follow the bot. @tipreddcoin will NOT @reply to the @recipient in a public tweet or follow the @recipient automatically.

Update 2014-02-27 I’m now working on re-enabling “+rates” command so people can use it to get the latest RDD/BTC exchange rate from Cryptorush.in, the only exchange whose API seems to work at the moment. More exchanges will be added when their APIs become available and stable.

Update 2014-02-27 I’ve now enabled “+rates” command which gives a list of the latest mid prices of RDD/BTC across exchanges. Cryptorush.in is currently the only exchange that can reliably deliver this information. More will be added.