Hello fellow Reddheads,

I’d like to announce the arrival of two new Reddcoin Tipbots: one for Twitch.tv and one for Justin.tv, both of which have successfully finished closed beta testing.

Reddcoin team has started conversation of sponsorship with top game streamers on Twitch.tv. We are looking to build a Team Reddcoin of professional gamers and allow them to accept Reddcoin donation in their chat channels.

Justin.tv is for non-game related broadcast.

What can you do to help us

  • If you have personal contact with popular streamers on Twitch.tv, help us get in contact with them and introduce them to the world of Reddcoins.
  • If you don’t have personal contact with streamers, you can still raise your voice and make them aware of the benefits of receiving donation in Reddcoins (see below).
  • If you are a streamer and interested, please email [email protected] and [email protected] for discussion.
  • Tell us which channels on Twitch.tv and Justin.tv deserve our attention.

Why should streamers receive Reddcoin donation

  • Paypal charges fees.
  • Paypal button requires viewers to stop watching and jump through all the hoops to send a payment, which takes time and is usually unpleasant. By comparison, Reddcoin donation is done with one command in chat channels and becomes part of the viewing experience. Our Reddcoin Tipbot will increase the number of donation by at least one magnitude.
  • A lot of Paypal donation is cancelled right after streamers talk about it, so called “donation scam”. By comparison Reddcoin donation is final and irreversible.
  • As the streamers attract more viewers, his/her own Reddcoin holding will increase in value. Reddcoin donation creates important incentive for everyone to contribute to the community by creating value.

The bot on Twitch has gone live!!

Now, the Reddcoin commnity, go forth and bring this new project to fruitation. Help us help you!


Reddcoin Team


  • Our first volunteer streamer is Dracothedot. Make sure you stop by and say hi! You can find a brief tutorial of how to use the bot on his profile page.