[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Reddcoin Solutions & Rypplzz Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership and Benchmark Partner Portfolio

Albuquerque, NM – February 10, 2020 – Reddcoin Solutions, LLC and Rypplzz Inc. announce a Strategic Partnership between their teams and products, having recently signed an MOU for collaborative cuttingedge technology installations across a range of verticals and applications. Rypplzz brings their unique and groundbreaking “Interlife” tech, precise micro-location technology and other “high tech” expertise as well as their evolving “Benchmark Partnership” portfolio of high-tech sector experts. Reddcoin provides not just an experienced development team well-versed and well-connected in the emerging fintech industry, but also a tested and well-connected cryptocurrency solution with a full suite of payment gateway, merchant service and interest-bearing decentralized services at almost zero cost (“zero fee”) to users and businesses, and a set of engaged wrap-around support services for onboarding and maintenance of the blockchain model for enhanced probabilities of success.

With a unique set of capabilities, and an experienced management team, Rypplzz provides a new spatial computing and communication system with a patented algorithm called ‘Interlife’ that has superior features over existing communication networks including 5G. Rypplzz and the affiliated Bench partner companies allow for unique spatial computing capabilities to integrate the digital and physical worlds in ways in completely new ways. Rypplzz and Interlife enable the ability to program and design physical environments with interactive 3D geospatial content, transforming them into spatial entertainment ‘theaters’ with new paradigms of entertainment experience happening exclusively at Interlife hotspots. Use cases include popular venues (stadiums, racetracks, festivals, etc.) and content brands (teams, music artists, gaming, movie studios and more) to deliver the ultimate experiential Interlife experiences. The evolving use and omnipresence of mobile and IoT devices and increasing demand for enhanced connectivity, precise geolocation, and innovative experiential content including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), means there is an exponentially increasing demand for Rypplzz’s unique environment computing system and applications. This creates unlimited opportunities for Rypplzz, Reddcoin, and other partners currently signing to provide cutting-edge and bespoke technology solutions with low cost and complexity and undreamt of capabilities.

Reddcoin is a uniquely community-driven and user-focused decentralized cryptocurrency established in 2014 and running seamlessly for six years. A member of the BITA50 and ALT100 crypto-indices, and a “Top 100” project with a market cap of approximately 20MM US, Reddcoin is also an all-volunteer and self-funded organization. Unlike most in the blockchain space, having never experienced a significant security incident or hack is six years of operation, due to the nature of Reddcoin’s unique proof-of-stakevelocity (PoSV) technology, Reddcoin stands alone as a secure payment technology, with minimal hardware requirements, and an ecofriendly, less-energy-wasteful approach to socially responsible technology. With thousands of active wallets, exchanges, on- and off-ramps to fiat and other currencies, users and business can enjoy and leverage a full-featured payment gateway suite of services. Reddcoin can provide point-to-point, multi-party, or full-suite merchant, transaction and remittance services at a fraction of the cost of traditional PayPal or credit card transactions with lightning-fast completion and state-of-the-art security and cryptographic protection against counterfeiting, fraud and data manipulation. Reddcoin also offers participants in its network automatic interest-like “staking rewards” as well as zero-to-low-fee transaction costs, lowering the bar for entry for any business, webstore or individual looking to participate in the new era of fintech.

Together, Reddcoin and Rypplzz combine to offer a widely expanded set of possibilities for customercentric, cutting-edge and experientially intense technology solutions of almost any kind, crossing every industry. The combination of instant and engaging crypto payments, micro-geo-location, hardware and wearable tech integration, and all the other component technologies represented in Reddcoin and Rypplzz emerging partnership represent a new paradigm in unified technology solutions worldwide.

Contact: Jay Laurence, Reddcoin [email protected] www.reddcoin.com

Contact: Douglas Benoit, Rypplzz [email protected] www.rypplzz.com