Today lead dev Laudney proposed doing an interview for the next Reddheads newsletter. Those of you who have followed the newsletter since the beginning will remember that for issue no.1 (launched 8 October 2014) I ran some questions by Laudney regarding the then-newly-launched Reddsight blockchain explorer and APIs, and Social X .

For this upcoming newsletter we are opening up the direction of the interview to the community!

Considering the diverse chat going on in the forum, it is going to be necessary to select the ten questions most popular with the community, which Laudney will respond to and answer in the interview. The Reddcoin team will also choose a few extra questions from the pack for Laudney to answer.

Please come up with a few questions that you think are important. Consider them carefully and try to filter them to the single most important question and then post that comment as a comment here. It can then be voted on by the community.

To keep track of things correctly there should only be one question per comment – otherwise it will not be possible to count votes per question properly. Try to limit yourself to the single most important question. If you have to post two or three questions because you really can’t make your mind up, then they have to be as separate comments!

So that everyone has a chance to read this post, to ask their question and to vote, I am postponing this week’s newsletter and we are going to leave this thread open for a week. The special edition newsletter including the full interview will be published on Wednesday 11 March.