Fellow Reddheads,

Hereby we have a proposal to all of you, especially miners and pool owners, to build a multipool that mines the most profitable Altcoins and pays in Reddcoins, instead of BTC.

Why? I personally would love to point my GPU to this pool πŸ™‚ This way the multipool becomes a price supporter rather than price suppressor for Reddcoin.

I’ve investigated the feasibility and I believe technically it’s totally achievable now that Reddcoin is listed on Cryptsy.

If you are a multipool owner, you have two choices to trade Altcoins for Reddcoins:

  • you can integrate with Cryptsy APIs here. It allows you to query real-time market order books and create buy/sell orders.
  • an even easier way is simply to enable auto-sell feature on your accounts on Cryptsy. This feature allows any deposit received on your accounts on Cryptsy to immediately translate into sell orders.

Either way, you’ll need to integrate Cryptsy APIs to withdraw your balances.

So everyone please put forward your thoughts below and contact us through emails if you want to discuss.



[email protected] [email protected]

OK, Fellow Reddheads: please make comment below if you agree and up vote so we can show pool owners the huge amount of interest there is.