Dear fellow Reddheads:

As we enter the final countdown, please make sure you will enable staking and keep your wallet up and running.

QT Wallet

  1. At the bottom right corner of the QT wallet GUI, you should see the second icon with a grey upward arrow.
  2. If you move your mouse over, it should say “Not staking because wallet is locked”.
  3. To enable staking, go to the top menu Settings -> Unlock Wallet… -> Enter your passphrase and make sure the checkbox “For staking only” is ticked for better security.
  4. Wait a minute and move your mouse over the staking icon again, it should now say “Not staking” which is what we expect because PoSV hasn’t kicked in yet.
  5. Once PoSV kicks in, the minting process automatically starts and after about a minute you should see the grey icon turngreen.
  6. You will be able to get more information on staking if you move mouse over.


  1. Use RPC call getstakinginfo to check all the details of staking.
  2. To unlock wallet for staking, use command: “reddcoind walletpassphrase $yourpassword 9999999 true”
  3. Make sure you clean the bash history file to prevent others from seeing your passphrase.

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