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Join the Redd

All growth has been 100% due to the hard work of an “All-Volunteer Team” of hardcore developers, enthusiastic designers, social media mavericks and crypto-community champions.

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We are looking for help of all kinds as we are launching groundbreaking products and building our worldwide community. To make things easy, fill out this form and let us know how YOU want to help. After all, doing what you love is what Reddcoin is all about.

Ongoing Generic Help consists of people:

  • Acting as Application Beta Testers
  • Regional Ambassadors:
    • Translate and post PR information in local languages on social media sites
    • Promoting and monitoring community activity on social media channels
  • Video Media Content Creators:
    • develop educational material for our Official Channels in English & other languages

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Reach Out and Say Hello!

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