Fellow Reddheads:

Below I provide information on Reddcoin tipbots: what’s the current status of development for each social network; is it feasible; if not, why. I’ll keep updating this post in due course.

Please leave comment if I missed any one.



  • Reddit: fully functional
  • Twitter: fully functional
  • Twitch.tv: fully functional

The tipbot already listens in several channels. Check out Team Reddcoin.

  • Justin.tv: fully functional

The tipbot is not running because no streamer is signed up yet.

  • IRC: fully functional

Twitch tipbot is based on IRC protocol. So we get IRC tipbots for all IRC channels for free.

  • Steam: To-do

Need to investigate unofficial implementation of APIs. Extra complexity.

  • Google+: To-do

Not the most friendly API to implement a tipbot due to lack of direct support for notification of mention, which might be mitigated by search.

  • Youtube: infeasible

Lack of API support for user comment and notification. Google does plan to further integrate Youtube with Google+ so one day it might become feasible through Google+ APIs.

  • Facebook: infeasible

Due to strict legal terms and conditions.

  • Tumblr: infeasible

Extremely limited APIs.

  • StackOverFlow: difficult

APIs are rich enough to support user comment and notification but notification is restricted to users having already participated in answering a question, which means to receive notification the tipbot must post a comment under every single new question. Also StackOverFlow mods are not friendly to bots.

  • Whatsapp: infeasible

No official API. Illegal to use any unofficial reverse-engineered APIs.

  • Sina Weibo: To-do

The most popular Chinese version of Twitter. APIs are also very similar to Twitter’s. Need real-identity verification during registration, especially difficult for foreigners. Low API rate limit. Need to double-check support for Chinese characters (current code base already uses UTF-8).

  • WeChat: To investigate

The most popular Chinese version of Whatsapp.

  • Disqus: difficult

Limited support for notification of mention: only users having already made comment on the same post can be mentioned and notified. Disqus does plan to support mention of arbitrary user. No timeline available.

  • VK: difficult

No support for notification of mention in comment. The list of APIs can be found here