Good Afternoon / Evening everyone,

A few weeks back I promised that if there was ever a two-week gap in announcements, I would make a quick update on progress by the team. Since the last major announcement was 13 days ago, I thought I would take a few seconds to post some progress.

First up, obviously, sometime recently the tip button was integrated into the ReddcoinTalk forums. I still see a few regular users without an address on their button. Go add one! Why not, really?

The browser wallet is heavily in development, with major bug fixes and user improvements already complete and more in the pipeline. @tralf and @reddibrek have really been going strong on this, and @raid5,@lionzeye, @Reddcoin and @Gnasher have been quite helpful as well in testing and debugging. I think we are on private beta #3 or 4 since the last public release.

Lastly, @laudney is still focused on finalizing the implementation of hierarchical deterministic key generation into the primary Qt wallet. This means that instead of having to store backups of your wallet.dat file, you will simply need to write down your 12 to 24 word “seed” and you will never lose your wallet to a hard drive failure. It also means that you could share a wallet on mobile, browser, and a staking wallet if you wanted to.

I’ve been pretty sick, and also quite busy, but this next week or two should see some action on upgrading Reddcore and the Insight API.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a friendly reminder in the form of a Dilbert cartoon that @Reddcoin shared with me. Please remember that if you don’t control your private keys, you don’t control your coins!
Dilbert 2 April 2014

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more specific announcements on individual projects!

– BRM / Mike